Ian’s Heart Beat

Ian’s Heart Beat

2018 Hold on to Beautiful

Thank you for walking along side of our family through the perilous years. The Lord has brought us through many adventures, some we’d like to live again, some we can do without. Through it all the Lord has been faithful to lead us through to the next day, gradually transforming us from the inside out. He is making Ian strong and showing his perfection in his weakness. He is making Micah into His man as his own heart issues progress. We will continue to share their story as it unfolds.

Ian and I spoke at our old church, Wintersburg Presbyterian Church last month. I shared our life from the book of Ecclesiastes,  the words given by the wisest man in the world…second only to my Dad.  Solomon Said, “He has made everything beautiful in its time. 3:11” After sharing Daddy said, “That’s a book. You need to write a book. Not too big. No one needs a long book, just a little one.” I told him I would write the book if he wrote the forward. I think it’s called, Hold on to Beautiful. That’s what I’m trying to do. The wisest man in the world told me that God has made all things beautiful in its time… and Daddy thinks “our things” would make a good book.

It’s Daddy’s turn for trial and crisis in his body. His big old heart couldn’t keep him going. They put in a pacemaker on Monday morning, March 26. The surgery went well, but the rest of the body has been struggling.  As a family we Hold on to Beautiful.  We’d appreciate your company to do that together.

Please follow our journey. The easiest way is to follow is to read the chronological posting. 

Thank you so much for your prayers and concern.

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Jill Rogers

Little Miss Spelled

Waiting for Bop Bop to get out of pacemaker surgery. (What we really look like.)

What we really look like

2016 Front Page:

All dolled up for Rachel’s wedding. (What we usually don’t look like).

We are the Rogers Family! We usually never look this good!  I mean, if you think, “Oh my goodness, they have the perfect happa family!” We rarely look this good. We got all dappered up for cousin Rachel’s wedding.  But if you don’t think we look amazing, then I don’t need to correct you. I hope you see a regular family, with regular struggles, in a regular kind of world, that’s almost us too. Life has been quite irregular these days.  But we are in super good hands!  (I really should post what we look like most of the time.)

Randy the Husband and Dad: Wise,  Thoughtful,  Gifted,  Kind, Servant,  Leader,  Respected,  Worship Pastor,  Math Teacher,  Bathroom Builder,  Toilet Scrubber, Boss

Jill the Wife and Mom: Sunshine,  Caring,  Diligent,   Creative,  Learner, Teacher,  Feeler,  Free Spirit, Cook,  Coordinator, Connector, Struggler, Writer,  Bible Lover

Ian the Son and Big Brother: Intelligent,  Humble,  Handsome,  Noble,  Friend,  Funny,  Frugal,  Drummer,    Teacher,  Game Master, Reader,  Mercy Giver, Blog Author, with a little muscular dystrophy on the side.

Micah the Son and BigLittle Brother:  Mischievous,  Magician,  Swag,  Jokester,  Artistic,  Creative, Protector, Pianist,  Admired,  Enjoyed,  Thinker, Batman, first to be diagnosed with a little muscular dystrophy. It doesn’t define him but it sure is an important part of him!

Kaiya the Daughter and Little Sister: Brighter Sunshine than Mom, Refreshing Rayne Drop, Brave, Adventurous,  Articulate,  Friend,  Baby Lover,  Animal Lover,  Dancer,  Joshy’s BFF, Mover, Joy Giver, Compassionate,  Pianist.

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8 thoughts on “Ian’s Heart Beat

    1. Thank you, liberty for bringing constant and beautiful sunshine to my days. I was and am so blessed by you and Jen. I should’ve mentioned it when we shared yesterday. I am using the basket for my paper goods at parties, though I can’t do it as pretty as you all did. Thank you for being Jesus with skin on in such a pretty way!


      1. Dear Jill,
        Awww, thank you so much for your sweet words! 💕 That’s cool you’re able to use the basket for your paper goods. 🍴 I’m sure it looks great! Thanks again for sharing your journey with all of us. It was so amazing hearing Ian share his story at CBS. I loved when he said his faith isn’t just stronger, it’s invincible. Wow, what a testimony to us all! Praying daily for your precious family. 🙏🏼❤ ❌⭕️❌⭕️

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Happen to come across your sister “Leanne” at a bowling tournament, and had a chance to chat with her! She sorta updated me on your family like in a “nutshell”, and I was just overwhelmed! She told me about your blog (and I’m the last person on earth who knows anything about blogs!), but just had to sign up! I can’t do much in the way of helping, but I do know “PRAYER” works!
    Praying for your beautiful family, as well as your Dad & Mom!
    Emmanuel, Gracie & George (Mt. Hermon conferees!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my, what a week. The Okada’s are an EXCITING and LARGE and LOVING and LOVED clan! Praise God for sending angels to watch over your precious dad and family. Texas Eng’s are praying. Love, Bob & Mary


  3. Hi you guys, I have had your Heart Beat card on my desk for a time and decided to look you up. We haven’t known you guys long but somehow feel like we have known you much longer. You and your family are all such a blessing to the people you touch. Linda and I look forward to getting to know you better in the days, months ahead. We will keep you in our prayers, Love, Jeff and Linda


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