Randy and I want to welcome you to our family Blog where we share from the overflow of our lives, our struggles, our lessons, our needs, our joys and so much more. We don’t share because we have it all together, but because we need to BE together, with you, with Jesus.

It’s not just about Ian’s Heart Beat, but someone once said “You’re only as happy as your saddest child.” I must say that Ian is NOT sad, but he is very ill. So maybe we are only as healthy as our sickest child.  We are a work in progress but being transformed by this momentary and light affliction that is creating for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all! (2 Cor. 4:17) Heavy glory!  Immense Glory! Massive Glory! I thought glory was just shiny! But it’s weighty too and it’s Forever Glory! That sounds comfort to bodies that are quickly wasting away.

We hope that as we share a part of our lives, you will be blessed and encouraged to walk more closely to Jesus in your own life. Ian said it best last year at InterHigh camp when his cabin asked him if he ever wanted a different body.

“No. I like how God made me. It makes people closer to God.” -Ian 13 yo

“Draw near to God, and He will  draw near to you.  James 4:8a

Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Minuscule me makes a move toward the infinite God and then He the magnificent one comes near to me! We make baby steps towards the creator of the universe and He takes His God steps… that’s exponentially infinite intimacy!  (Obviously that fabulous mathematical expression didn’t come from Randy!)  That’s an EXCELLENT return on my investment! That’s GOOD NEWS! That’s the best use of my time, especially in times like these!

There’s a second part to that verse though. We can talk about that on another post.

As we share our lives, draw near to God with us!


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