With Ian in the hospital so frequently and for so long, our lives have been nothing but normal. Our Micah and Kaiya are all over the place with all kinds of loving family doing all kinds of different summer adventures…


These are a blessing indeed! I’m so thankful this chapter is happening while Randy is off of work, and there are so many people available to care for them and us! That’s the Lord’s hand on our lives again!

Randy and I take turns sleeping at the hospital with Ian or at home with Kaiya and Micah. It’s hard to keep them at home with so many fun things going on like VBS and KFC. On one rare night when I had Micah and Kaiya at home for bedtime we actually got to pray together again! This was extra sweet.

Since they were little we have used the A.C.T.S. outline for prayer: Adoration Confession Thanksgiving Supplication. Micah usually leads us and we each have a turn to pray over each area. When we got to supplication, I was sure they would join the world in praying for Ian’s healing.  They did not.  Not really.  They prayed,

“Lord please let Ian come home soon.” -Micah 12 & Kaiya 6.75

That’s what healing is to them. I get it. Healing is not his heart but their “HOME” with Ian in it! Healing is their big brother back in his bed, right in their room, reading to them, teasing them, laughing with them, protecting them. Healing is our whole family under one roof. Home is the heart beat of their lives, more real than all of the adventures they are on.

Home is like this for every child, not just mine.

Wendy Toda has been praying and caring for me this whole month. She and her Art Heart have ministered to my broken soul more than once. She knows that night times are the hardest for me to sleep so she texted me on the night I heard my children’s heart.  I asked if she could make me something to remind me of this profound reality to my kids…


“Here’s what I though of as I read your text….that your hearts are all so close and overlapping…and how your home is so filled with God’s abundant love among and beyond yourselves (so much so that it even comes out of the chimney!).  Blessings to you all today!

Love, Wendy”


Please keep my children and children all over the world in your prayer, that their HOME will be HEALED once again.


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