En’s Beat no. 3

En’s Beat no. 3

Hello family, I am getting absolutely zero negative-response. Thankfully, Everything is going well here. My PICC line is in. Thanks for all your prayers, for God answered them with : “Yes”.  Thank you all for reading my blog. I have plenty of food and I’m doing pretty good, yet I am still scared some times. Fear is a really powerful thing. It can cause the strongest to stagger or the wisest to shudder.

I make mistakes and one of them is that, sometimes I don’t trust God. Matthew 10:28 says

“Don’t be afraid of those who kill the body but can’t kill the soul. Instead, be afraid of the one who can kill both body and soul, casting them into hell.”

Who is it that we should fear? I asked my study group (they are pretty young) and they said, “Satan!” Who is satan? If you regularly go to church you have learned that Satan is a fallen angel, once the most glorified second only to the prince. I believe that and that he hunts you right now. I also believe he has no power over hell.

So then, whom do we fear? Who else can kill our soul in hell? The answer is — ( look it up yourself or just read on) He is the one we fear and I fear him. I also try my best to trust him to take care of me the best way. So when I am afraid of getting poked I remember that verse and think “that is crazy”! However, when I am getting it if I just don’t be afraid just trust and fear God. Not any thing else.

Tayvin’s fever is gone. They have started taking out his tubes. Things look good, for now. Just trust God.

and  Follow Him!!!

Everyone is dying, don’t be afraid of it. EN

To end on a lighter note:

I  can make giants cry I can be cut 10 times and live, I can fit in your pocket and your shoe. what am I? First one with a response is Batman.


2 thoughts on “En’s Beat no. 3

  1. Good Morning EN,
    I hope you had a very restful night. However, I am not sure how one gets to sleep through the night in a hospital.
    I am praying that you have a great day, and if you run into any problems you will feel Jesus holding you in His arms to give you comfort and peace.
    Are you starting the testing process yet, or are they just explaining things to you, mom and dad? I understand that fear thing very well, for I was very frightened when I was in the hospital last time. I found myself praying I Trust you Jesus, I Trust you Jesus over and over again. Sometimes I feel ashamed because I don’t think that I have enough Faith in the Lord, but I am working on that, with prayer and reading the Bible. I love that you are sending out scripture passages, because that way I can read them too, and I feel closer to Him and you.
    I am very happy that you started your blog, and are able to write a little something every day, it helps me feel closer to you. I really dislike being so far away. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift, so now I am excited to open my email every morning.
    Was also happy to hear about Tayvin. I am praying for him as well. Is he at Choc or at UCLA? Enough for today, I love you, and you are in my prayers. Grandma Mary


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