EN’s Beat no. 4

EN’s Beat no. 4

Hello, Family,  (longer already?)

Thank you all again for praying for me. It really makes me happy, although I don’t show it, to hear about prayer being such a powerful weapon in everyone’s lives, collectively.  I Love all of you and I could fill my day reading your comments. Jesus is very good right now. Just about everyone who answered my riddle, answered correctly. The correct answer was: “I am an Onion”. However, to circumstances known to few, save me,  I will also except “I am an Ingrown Toenail” as the Correct Answer.

Blog. That is what I am doing now. Late, late at night while most of you rest I am awake remembering the greatness availed to me by my God. Now some of you may already know this, but tonight I missed the Post Rally (three sad face emojis). I had the pleasure of being there in spirit though. It is so great to listen to young ones praise God. Or old ones. Anyway I was there in spirit, for I too Rallied when Jesus called for me.


When Has he called on me?  Remember the verse: “Whoever can be trusted with little can be also trusted with much.”  Little by little I was rallied.  The little things were carrying the old lady’s groceries or just plain old asking if she needed help. Fortunately my dad was already hammering it in to us to be kind. Opening doors or standing aside when we were in the way. With the practice came bigger and bigger things. Yep, I was a friendly little boy. Soon I did not need an instance,  I saw them myself,  with God’s help.  A couple times I served on the worship team, even when I was feeling bad. I no longer feared the absence of opportunity. Instead the failure is much worse since I saw the instance yet did not obey.

Still God gave me a chance.

You know in those songs where we sing stuff like “take my heart…” or ” I lay my life down…”?? Yeah. Did you know that those songs are prayers?  Yep. Ever thought about giving away your heart to God? Suffice all that to say I noticed worship as a prayer and re-prayed all the words I just sang. (emphasis on the “take my heart”) So God took my heart. He sealed it, transformed it, and used it in his plans. I now have my mission complete, when asked for my heart I give it willingly. I give it willingly.

Now for a little update. Thank you for praying, things are looking good and stable. So we have begun a long laborious process of “PICC Line Teaching”.  We have been moved to a less intensive unit. My new room is slightly smaller but it is much nicer. I can get up more. It is really great to be in the service of God. For sure I will be in here past Tuesday. The Doctors would like to talk to me and make a final decision. Together, as a committee, they would decide wether to put me on the list or not. I have passed well on all the tests. So we are not worried.

Praise the Lord! Kaiya’s chicks hatched. They are all beautiful and fluffy. We love your prayers, understand that God answers prayer all the time.

Does not wither or fade, yet is fragile, as ice to a scream. It is strong as gold yet cannot bend. Still the fact remains: to say it is to break it.

(This one is a lot easier, the poetry was mine)

(Try another) What is the total word count of these paragraphs divided by two, squared, with four hundred twenty two added, subtracted from one hundred thousand?

Everyone is dying, God’s plan starts before you’re born.



3 thoughts on “EN’s Beat no. 4

  1. Dear Ian,
    We love your heart for the Lord, and we love reading your blog. Even as we want to encourage you in this journey, you, for sure, are encouraging us. May you be overwhelmed with God’s presence and nearness. We pray for you and your family daily. We love you! Our best answer to the first riddle is “silence.” You ask a math question to a teacher on summer vacation? Hmmm…. 🙂


  2. Ahhh, Andrew was right, but I didn’t post his answer, because we both questioned it: the onion answer. I just didn’t know why I’d put an onion in my shoe or my pocket!

    Praying for wisdom for the Doctors!


  3. Ian, when I read your blog, I think about how you are fearfully and wonderfully made! I love your heart for the Lord, how you joyfully and willingly lay your life down for Him. You are a generous worshiper who inspires others to generously worship. Continually praying for you – to keep your gaze on His beauty, His deeds and wonders, to be unafraid of the storm around you, but to trust in the One who is acquainted with all your ways and who hems you in behind and before.


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