EN’s Beat no. 8

EN’s Beat no. 8

Hello family,

I am writing to you now from a room in the PICU. PICU, stands for Pediactric Intensive Care Unit. The other words are easy to understand but you don’t hear the  word “Pediactric” very often.  Pediactric is a word, which here means, “children”. Therefore I am in an Intensive Care Unit for Children. A word of Caution, don’t call little people “pedes”, or whatever word you desire. No, you will not sound smarter.

If you could not tell, this blog is carrying a lighter tone than any of my dark, dreary, grey ones. It is, if you have not guessed it, because I am feeling better. This is the part where I say: Thank you God. To avoid repetition, To God be my thanks.

God is the only one, to which I owe my health. He made me. He made the doctors and nurses. He made the medicines. He made the technology to get them inside of me. He made the humble people that come to sanitize my room. I am very glad. In fact I am very comfortable. Here, we are very safe. Thankfully, everything is going well and all our days are filled with God’s love.

This entry is a happy one. The biggest, most surprising new is that there is nothing new. Nothing. The doctors are looking at me all the time. It seems that I have the right amount of fluids going in as the ones going out. The doctors are watching me with no changes, seeing how I do without all the changes.

I had the opportunity to meet a girl waiting for a heart transplant. She got to go home yesterday. It made me remember that there are others to pray for, even if we don’t know them. There are so many sick children here all around me. Some never getting out of bed. Some not waking up. I am so happy I have a powerful prayer army, praying for others.

Those people at the top? Those are not my long lost cousins from my dad’s side. They are a family, that pretty much all got transplanted. The older and younger brother were getting new hearts within a month of each other at 6 and 10 years of age. Their mom got it as an adult. They are a big encouragement. Their whole family feels good now. I hope to have a cool scar like them soon.


So I can’t wait. Remember, I will try to write to you as soon as something changes.

Everyone is dying, we are so thankful that God is watching out for us.

E   E   E   E   E   E   E                                          N N                  N

E                                                                           N     N              N

E   E  E  E  E                                                        N          N          N

E                                                                           N              N      N

E   E   E   E   E   E   E                                          N                  N  N


3 thoughts on “EN’s Beat no. 8

  1. Ian. You are awesome! Cuz God made you that way. I love you and your posts. You bless me over and over again! Thank you! Love, Auntie June Kaneko(Abi and Silas’ Grammy )

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  2. You are in our thoughts and prayers daily! I love reading your blogs and sharing your updates with Jayson and Lauren. Your mature outlook, your faith and your bravery floors me every day! -Auntie Susan


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