Joy for the Journey no. 2

Joy for the Journey no. 2

Day 22 on the List:

  • My parent’s friends are following Ian’s “BLOB“.  I just love them. These octogenarians are following Ian’s posts and telling my parents how much they enjoy their grandson. They have time to sit around and talk, write letters, make phone calls, and they say the sweetest things. They just don’t make people like they used to!  Or maybe it’s all the years under their belt that make them so gentle, appreciative, insightful, and patient. I’m so thankful for these many Aunties and Uncles of mine that make my life so rich! By the way Aunties, if you’re reading this, most people call it a BLOG,  like a captain’s log. But I like how you say it!
  • I got to come home yesterday because Auntie Lammy came to stay with Ian for a couple nights. The first night back home feels like detox time. Then the following night I sleep a little better. Thank you Lammy and Paul for the breaks!

Day 21 on the List:

  • We got this really fun video from our Iowa medical staff! I hope you can enjoy it with us! You might need to use the password “IAN”
  • Joy for the Journey from Iowa

Day 20 on the List:

  • Ian has learned how to delay gratification and celebrate the hard work! He’s practiced this a little bit along the way and it is really coming in handy now. He is only allowed 1.5 L of fluids a day. At first he didn’t realize that his chicken long rice counted as a fluid and he had used up the lion share of his fluids by the morning.  That was a tough lesson by the time the sun came down, especially when the medicines are trying to wring out his kidneys! The next day he had tiny 60 ml bottles of ice cold water to get him though the day. He saved his fluids for a night time gulping glass of ice cold water or a bottle of chilly Izzy to celebrate. Delaying gratification is a true sign of maturity and he has done it well. Muscular dystrophy has made him grow up so quickly. Maybe we should not run away from doing hard things like saying no to ourselves. God is at work in us and will use it for good.
  • Finding Joy in Delaying Gratifiction
  • You might like to try a 1.5 L fluid diet to remember him through out the day. I know it won’t be the same because you’re not on diuretics that make you pee, and you don’t have heart failure. But when you take your 60 ml glass of water, you can think of him and realize how amazingly self controlled and optimistic he has to be. He has not lost heart during this journey. Thank you, Jesus.



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