Joy for the Journey no. 5

Joy for the Journey no. 5

This is how we left Ian on Day 37, finally able to find rest from his constant pain and nausea…


This is what we enjoyed on Day 1 on the 1A list! Less than 20 hours after intubation Ian was wheeled off to the O.R.!


Click Link to see Mommy getting to hear The Most Beautiful Sound for the first time!

Click this link: Auntie Lammy’s Reaction

It’s hard to find words to express the Joy we have now. Our Joy is Glorious and Authentic, yet Painful and Guarded. My son has life from the tragic loss of another family who courageously chose to give life out of their sad good bye. We have been praying so intimately for our donor family not knowing how the Lord would answer our prayers. Ian was in so much pain and grew more fragile every day.  We feared our own loss. Now their loss is even more real to me. Their child feels like my child, and part of him or her is alive in Ian right now!  What a priceless heroic gift. Thank you for praying for them all along!

OurJoy also feels so guarded because Ian has such a long recovery road ahead of him. Even now, 6 days later he is having different kinds of complications every day. Some issues have resolved themselves, just in time for a new one to arrive. Yesterday’s complication was quite scary for me so we covet your prayers an continued trust in the Lord. He likes when we Trust Him!

There’s so much to explain and so little time to do it here… I have to get back to Ian. So as Ian says,

“Come see for yourselves what your prayers can do!”

Please join us

@ Crossroads Community Church

this Saturday night, 6pm.

25991 Pala  Mission Viejo

Join us for Worship, Sharing, Prayer, and Potluck

to celebrate God’s amazing provision for Ian! (Ian won’t be there of course. He is still in the hospital and quite fragile. Due to the strong anti-rejection meds he has zero immunity and must stay away from germs and crowds for 3 months.

Please WASH YOUR HANDS A LOT,  get your FLU SHOT and have vaccines up to date before seeing Ian

Thank you for your prayers and support!

Full of Joy

Randy, Jill, Ian and his beating bouncing heart, Micah and Kaiya



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