Joy for the Journey no. 8

Joy for the Journey no. 8

You  may not recognize me. That’s me being one of my HEROS.

The Overalls: He was a hardworking farmer for his dad since he was 8 years old. He’d irrigate late at night so his dad could go to sleep before the sun came up. He’d rub his dad’s back with alcohol when he had asthma attacks. He’d pick rows of onion and sugar beat real fast, so he could finish the other half of his mom’s row. When he went to college, he’d come back every summer to work his daddy’s prize sugar beat, cabbage, or onion crops. He’d relocate the his three boys and my mom back to the farm until he was done with all of his degrees…

The Goatee: You can’t tell by looking at us, but he has a few Bachelors degrees, a Masters in Divinity, and a PhD in Educational Psychology. When he worked at a Think Tank they had a dare to see who could grow and keep a beard the longest… I think he won. Since then, his goatee has been a symbol of his wisdom and trustworthiness. When my friends saw him they’ed say, “You’re dad’s so wise!” And he hadn’t even said anything to them! It’s a symbol of his kindness and has grown silver over the years. Grey hairs are the crown of wisdom! He has worn his well.


He has a big brother that was even smarter than him. A little brother with big beautiful eyes, and a sweet little sister who could talk to anyone for an hour straight. His big brother, Uncle Pete lead him to the Lord after doing a comparative analysis of world religions and told my dad he was going to hell if he didn’t believe in Jesus. It worked and he eventually learned that God was loving, not just righteous and holy. His baby sister is 16 years younger than him and he took care of her like she was his own dolly. He made pin curls in her hair because Bachan didn’t know how to do that. He carried her everywhere so she didn’t learn to walk until she was like 5. He whittled guns for his younger brother Sammy and would often brag, “I raised them with my own two hands.”

He Brags about raising all 13 of these by hand too. They are his pride and Joy!

This brings me so much JOY to be my Daddy for Halloween. He’s a true HERO who humbly fought the forces of evil during all his years of church ministry, teaching about the Love of Jesus and BEING the love of Jesus. Now he’s old and retired.  Every day he watches Fox News until he gets mad, and Korean soaps until he can speak Korean. He’s still watching. I only Look like him. Being him is another story that takes a life time for me to learn.


My heart was thrilled when I realized EN, is like a little Bop Bop!

Ian tires easily but he’s home and alive! He helps Micah study for his tests. He cooks for Kaiya, reads books to her, and teaches her math. He’s a hard but fair teacher for their subjects but he will praise them and distract them with good humor when he sees fit. Where he got that, I do not know! I think it was from Randy.

We are now almost 7 weeks post transplant and he is free to go to public places on off hours! After our blood draw and echo we had breakfast and a movie! He had the whole place to himself!

On Halloween day, he wanted to take Kaiya to Dollar Tree to make her a costume. Yes, we waited until the day of, despite Nana’s protest. We found everything we needed and he put this costume together for her… Nana helped with the mask and cape of course. She’s handy that way.

EN’s particularly proud of that sword and sheath, made from a dowel, a pvc pipe, funnel, and duct tape. He made it all by himself. EN said he always wanted a sword just like that when he was little and now he was able to make his dream come true for Kaiya. He even inspired the costume by watching Zorro with her earlier that week! It reminded me of how my dad whittled guns for his baby brother and that’s when it hit me…I gave birth to my dad, my HERO! Ian is just like him and I get the pleasure of raising him!

I can’t believe he came out of me and it fills me with JOY!  I quietly treasure these memories in my heart and no one can take them away!

Thank you, Jesus for more Joy on this Journey. I needed it just about now.

Jilly, Bat-Mas  

(That’s hebrew for daughter of Mas, not Batman Mas, though Micah might like that.)

My Brothers are all like Bop Bop, self sacrificial, wise, and nurturing! … I’m glad I have one in my family too…



2 thoughts on “Joy for the Journey no. 8

  1. Thank you, Linda. I love my Daddy too. I haven’t been paying much attention to him since the summer events. So it was nice to remember him and I think he kinda liked it.

    Thanks for your love and prayers.


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