411: Brain Tumors

411: Brain Tumors

We are blessed to have some of the greatest neurosurgeons in our backyard. We also have a very supportive family to help us navigate all the decisions. Within an hour of the family text, we had insider medical opinions of where to go and who to meet with. Thanks Dr. Matt, you’re a welcome addition to our family in many ways! Since then…

  • We met with UCLA for their diagnosis/prognosis/treatment plan. Dr. Isaac Yang said it could be an acoustic Neuroma or a meningioma. Only the biopsy will tell us for sure. If UCLA is the best fit for Randy’s care the surgery will take place December 12 with a week’s worth of pre-surgical tests.
  • We meet with USC this Wednesday Nov. 9th. USC has a world renown center dedicated to acoustic neuroma care. Dr. Friedman gave Randy a personal call within 30 minutes of sending the MRI to USC.

As of last week, these doctors suggest different approaches to remove Randy’s tumor. One will try and preserve the hearing he has the other will sacrifice Randy’s hearing completely. But hearing is not the only consideration. Wednesday’s appointment should give us a better idea of where to get Randy the best care. Many people have assured us that this is like choosing between a BMW and a Mercedes.  They’ve said “If you have to have a brain tumor, an acoustic neuroma is the one to have.” Good job, Randy.

(From USC Acoustic Neuroma Center)

Acoustic Neuroma

An acoustic neuroma, more correctly called a vestibular schwannoma, is a benign tumor originating from the outer sheath of the balance nerve. They occur at the rate of 1 to 2 cases per 100,000 people and present most often between the ages of 30 and 60 years. There is no male/female predilection.

What causes an acoustic neuroma?

The cause of acoustic neuroma is not well understood. For most acoustic neuromas, the cause at the level of the cellular machinery is the failure of a “governor” gene to exert its effect in suppressing the growth of Schwann cells—those cells responsible for coating nerve fibers with insulation. The result is “wart-like” growth of these cells to produce the neuroma.

To read more go to: Acoustic Neuroma info, USC.


From UCLA Brain Tumor Center:


UCLA’s depth of expertise with meningiomas includes a dedicated meningioma research lab and world-class meningioma experts. This enables us to offer comprehensive care and treatment, even for large or complex tumors.

What is a Meningioma?

Meningiomas form in the layer of tissue that protects your brain and spine (the meninges). These tumors are commonly found near the top and outer curve of your brain.

Most meningiomas are noncancerous (benign) and treatable with surgery. But meningiomas can also pose certain risks:

  • Growing additional meningiomas: Meningiomas can come back, despite the best available treatment. Such a return happens in as many as one in five patients.
  • Life-threatening complications: When tumors become large, they can push on your brain or spinal cord. This pressure can affect your ability to perform basic tasks, such as walking.”

To read more go to Info on Meningiomas, UCLA


No matter what it is, it needs to come out because it is causing symptoms and is pressing on his brainstem. Please pray for healing and for us to have wisdom, to ask good questions, make wise choices, have great peace, and trust the Lord for what is ahead. We also believe that God has the power to take the tumor away completely all by himself. Nothing is too hard for Him.

It’s only Brain Surgery after all.


6 weeks post transplant, he has increased fluid around his heart, increased liver numbers and we have a return echo scheduled for the same day as Randy’s trip to USC.

Nothing is impossible for the Lord. Ian’s journey has showed us how faithful God really is even when the journey is hard. We are blessed to have the assurance and faithfulness of the Lord.

Thank you for your continued prayers.




10 thoughts on “411: Brain Tumors

  1. Brad BRAIN surgery was at UCI. A very top notch Brain Surgeon. Head of brain surgery. Dr Frank PK HSU. His specialty is Brain Surgery. Right here in your back yard. Just check it out. Hebus VERY well known. Bonnie b

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  2. Praying for you all! Your transparency is such a testimony and you continue to glorify Jesus as you put your trust in him as you take one step at a time. I love you guys!

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  3. Dearest Jill, Randy, Ian, Micah and Kaiya:

    We have been eagerly reading all your updates and praying daily and also requesting prayer of our most faithful prayer warriors out here in Singapore! But I realized that I have not actually written to YOU! My apologies! Your emails are so personal and powerful and heartfelt, I feel as if I have just had a one-on-one conversation with you…and forget I haven’t replied!

    Dearest ones, you have been such a LIGHT to us all throughout these hard, hard times– I feel like the Lord should add another book of scripture after Job with your testimonies of grace! I am praying and we KNOW that HE WILL sustain you and strengthen you, for His WORD IS. PERIOD. There is no question of failing. The LORD speaks. It IS. We get distracted as time-bound beings, but we WILL walk into His spoken reality in the fullness of time. And I am praying that by His grace, the fullness of His healing will be seen NOW.

    Thank you, also, for allowing me to share your story in my CBS(I) lecture on Matthew 5 a few weeks ago. It was a great blessing to the class! Our leaders continue to pray for you. In fact, in an interesting GOD-coincidence…the day I gave that lecture, the CEO of Community Bible Study was here from Colorado, along with other members of the executive team! She heard your story. What’s more, there happened to be a poster in our host church, advertising an upcoming workshop with Julie Hiramine! Kim (the CEO) stopped short when she saw it. I explained who Julie was, and that she was your friend–and Kim said she thinks she just met her, as the prayer chairman of the CBS class she recently visited in Colorado! Is that cool, or what! Only God could know and arrange such things!

    And if He can arrange that, it reminds us He can arrange cells and nerves and everything else.

    So please, Lord, show Your mighty power and tender mercy to these beloved ones!

    Praying, Doreen

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    1. What a small world in the Kingdom of God. This whole ordeal has made the big world feel smaller and smaller. Praise God hat Singapore is praying, and relying on Jesus for us. Praise God that CBS International is praying right along CBS here in the states. I only made it to one class so far but am praying I’ll be ready to comeback soon.

      I will have to push he date back a little bit more, until we make a plan for Randy. I wouldn’t mind a book after Job. That would be a beautiful story to read from end to end in one sitting and see the Glory God received. It would make the hard times go by faster and the Good times stand out brighter.

      Julie came to visit us while we were at UCLA. They spent a sweet time in prayer over us and we were so grateful! Her ministry is vital in our world and I pray the Lord would expand the territory of generations of virtue.

      Gracias hermana,


  4. Hi Randy & Jill, My friend and neighbor had a brain tumor that was taking up half his brain. He was airlifted to USC Keck Hospital and had 100% recovery. He is a walking miracle. I was taking to his wife. She asked me to tell you that he saw Dr. Gionnatta (323)442-5720 his Nuerologist. And Surgeon Dr. Mack. I know you are overwhelmed by decisions and appointments but I just wanted you to know how miracle happen. Jon (my friend) was benign but it was deflating portions of the brain. He is now doing better than anyone could have imagined. Your family is in our thoughts. Always. I was praying over your family today during worship and I felt God saying. “They will be an amazing family of testimony” ❤️❤️❤️

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  5. Gracias hermana. I did hear good things about Dr. M. But he is not accepting more patients so he can get ready for retirement. I’m praying this Wednesday will give us lots of peace so we will know just the right thing to do and right when to do it. Thank you for your prayers.


  6. I’m SO SORRY to hear about Randy’s brain tumor. Your family has gone through so much this year. Your strengths and faith in GOD are inspirational. Sending love and prayers!!

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