Joy for the Journey no. 9

Joy for the Journey no. 9

The stars at night are big and bright,

Deep in the heart of Texas!

Thank you, Jesus for allowing me some change of scenery for a few days. The California ladies in my family were able to fly out to Texas for my nieces bridal shower and enjoy life with our Texas family.  They don’t have big hats and accents but I did hear an occasional Y’all. It’s always an adventure and was an extra special blessing to share life with the ladies. They help fill my cup. I love my family. I’m certain Kaiya had some Good ol’ Texas Fun too!img_0412

img_0429On Sunday we went to Asian American Baptist Church. Pastor Ben spoke on God & Politics and then the adult class had a powerful and encouraging time discussing the message. (I don’t usually like to talk about politics because it’s so complicated and can be so tense! But…) It wasn’t divisive, or polarizing, but so empowering and encouraging for all of us to share the Love of Jesus in all of our political diversity. Those Christians at AABC were eloquent and faithful. I wish you could have heard them. I was so moved by the message on God & Politics that I’d like to share how it gave me Joy for the Journey.

First Pastor Ben spoke about the 4 vital factors that make this election so important, and those factors help influence our choices. Our choices are not just based on party, but on the Person and their character, the 7000 Personnel appointments that come with them, the Policies that will be affected, and the Prayer required to make our decisions. We were encouraged to VOTE and make our voice heard not just for president, but for everything that comes with it… VOTE. Men and Women worked very hard, waited decades to have a voice, and gave their lives to earn and preserve the right for us to participate in the running of our country.  VOTE

Pastor Ben spoke from Matthew 22:15-22.  Maybe he has a recording of it on their website. I couldn’t explain it all but I’ll try with a picture, my a thousand word essay…img_0025

In this discussion or trap of tax paying loyalty to Caesar or not, savvy Jesus schools them with two great questions. “Whose likeness and inscription” is on the coin? Caesars of course.  Jesus’ punch line in the very political confrontation was, “render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” He blows them away by directing them to another Kingdom all together! There’s a kingdom where God is King and His face is inscribed on all His creation!

Pastor had some life changing things to say but I got distracted by one point which I couldn’t shake…Jesus is the sovereign King. If Jesus is really our Sovereign King, we are never outside of His Kingdom. (We can live outside of His BLESSING… that’s for sure, but never outside of His Kingdom. He uses Blessings and Curses in His house!) I am made in His image. He’s on the throne. He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Ultimately, He is in charge of who wins tomorrow. Ultimately He is in charge of everything tomorrow!

Just because God is King does not mean He is my king…or your king.  I’m the one that decides that in a way.  I’m the one who VOTES to put Him on the throne of my life… or not.  You get to decide too. It’s not a majority vote that makes Him King. He already is. He doesn’t need us to approve, or prove it.

I place my VOTE by how I LIVE out my life, by whose RULES I live by, by who I MAKE KNOWN, by who WINS in my life (that’s not a reference to Hillary or Donald), by how I RESPOND in times of trials. Do I put all my faith and trust in presidents or doctors? Do I put my faith and trust in the Lord who directs the doctors, reveals truth to the doctors, protects the doctors, and uses the doctors to fulfill HIS will in my life? When I do decide to put my faith and trust in the Sovereign Lord, I find peace even when the storms are loud and the future is uncertain.

The Future is Uncertain…Ian has to go to the doctor a little earlier than planned because of the fluid around his heart and a return of some tummy aches. Pray for Nana as she takes him for her first time, while I am still in Texas. Randy still needs that brain surgery and we have been apart for a while. I can VOTE by putting my TRUST IN GOD. I think that’s still the law of the land on our money… “In God we TrustI VOTE to entrust Ian and Randy into God’s care. Will you help me do that?

I encourage you to VOTE too. VOTE EVERY DAY for who you want to be on the throne in your life.






6 thoughts on “Joy for the Journey no. 9

  1. Moments away will bring you back with energy and vigor…..glad you were able to do this Jill and Kaiya! Bless you all and, yes, we have been covering Randy and Ian with our prayers and blessings.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this….in times like these…we need a Savior…I love the direction of this message…we must be Jesus to our world and seek first HIS Kingdom.
    I am praying for you, your husband, Ian and everyone that surrounds you and watches you trust the Lord with all your heart. Jesus wins.

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  3. Standing with you in prayer this morning for Randy and Ian, putting our confidence and hope in the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Thanks for always voting for Jesus with your life and enCOURAGEing us all to do the same. So glad for you to have some fun times with Kaiya in Texas!

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