Joy for the Journey no. 10

Joy for the Journey no. 10

Randy’s brain surgery is December 6th at USC!

I wonder if it includes a diploma.

I think Randy looks pretty good as a Trojan. He will be going in on Tuesday December 6th to have his tumor removed. We are mourning the loss of his hearing and gearing up for nausea and dizziness. “If Randy wasn’t already dizzy, he’s in for a rude awakening.” Two nerves will be lost to remove as much of the tumor as possible and save his facial nerve. I like his face. Despite the losses we feel grateful for the expertise of our surgeons and we are looking forward to 6-8 weeks of togetherness for his recovery.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

I remember being in the thick of heart failure, knowing Ian needed a miracle or a new heart to survive. Life was uncertain and there were many things I could complain about, many things to fear, many things out of my control, and many things to make my heart heavy. As I read through the Psalms I was reminded over and over to come to the Sanctuary and find Refuge in God’s house. I felt desperate for His refuge. I felt welcome to dump all my complaints, fears, and worries right there. But He invited me to do so much more.

“Offer to God a SACRIFICE OF THANKSGIVING and perform your vows to the Most High. And Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.” Psalm 50:14-15

Wait a minute, there are still things that make my heart heavy! My husband has a brain tumor that’s taking his hearing away and threatening his facial nerve and breathing. And I didn’t even finish Ian’s quarantine yet! And God wants me to be Thankful?

Thanksgiving is easy when everything is going our way. Anyone can do that. But it takes a “sacrifice” when there are burdens we carry and pains to bear. We sacrifice them by laying them down on his alter, out of our own hands and into His. We sacrifice them by giving up control and adding TRUST. We sacrifice them when we let go of grudges, forgive, and ask for forgiveness. We sacrifice them when we give up our way and let Him direct our steps. THEN the practice of true gratitude can begin. Then we can call out to Him.  Then He will deliver us. Then we will glorify Him.

This psalm gives me words to say when life is hard and it transforms my thinking from fear to thanksgiving.  When I was growing up, Dad would say, “Count your blessings when you can’t fall asleep. 1…2…3…” I have to keep practicing it even now. Want to do that together?

Please join us for an evening of Worship and Prayer to Practice Thanksgiving.

 This Saturday, November 26, 6 pm

Crossroads Community Church, 25991 Pala

Mission Viejo California 92691

(949) 707-0800

We will spend some time in prayer over Randy before his December adventure. We’d love to pray over your needs as well.

Potluck with your leftovers!

Main Dish will be provided.

Get up on your horse and head on over to Crossroads this Saturday!! We’ll see you there!


Fight On,



9 thoughts on “Joy for the Journey no. 10

  1. Jill, even this Bruin here can’t help but cheer on your family and the medical team at USC. Your words sink deep into my heart as a reminder of what we’ve been through and what you’re going through. Miss your radiant smile at SCA. Continually lifting your family in prayer. Praise the Lord He is mighty to save.

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  2. Thanks for testifying authentically of the challenges y’all are facing as a family but always pointing us towards God who is our Refuge, our Fortress, our Rock. We are praying for you in Texas!

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  3. We are with you, in lifting prayer and praise to our King! Thank you again for your transparency, and for encouraging us to go beyond our need for refuge and take our eyes off ourselves and put them onto our glorious Lord. What else can we do but Praise Him when we really look at Him! He is with you and loves you so much, precious family. We love you too!

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  4. I felt I saw your father telling you to count blessings by your bed side. I can see his look and manners when he talks particularly to a troubled person. The same person gave me one answer to the all the troubles I had over a decade ago: Just LOVE. I was encouraged to count my blessings last night while your dad was calling my husband but stopped short. I was clenching my fist in pain (not physical one)! You cannot count if your hands were closed (unless you count in a Japanese way!). Counting-blessings- lesson is still applicable to all ages. I am a senior citizen! We love you all.

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    1. Thank you, Shigeko-san. How wonderful that my dad had a chance to connect with your husband. They are both special men. I’ve thought of you often since our trip to Texas and am grateful for your understanding and encouragement. You’re a gift. Even now, I am having trouble sleeping and I have to keep reminding myself to count my blessings.


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