Come here and let me say, “Thank you,” Or I’ll Beat You Up!

Come here and let me say, “Thank you,” Or I’ll Beat You Up!

Joy for the Journey no. 12

Okay, he won’t really beat you up! It’s hard to say “Thank You” to the MAGNITUDE that we feel inside our new and renewed hearts. We would like to invite you to our first try.

Please Join us for worship with our Nor Cal team who ministered to us when we first heard the news of Ian’s heart failure. Ian will share his story in person! Randy and I will share some of our journey too.  

We will BEGIN with 5:30 POP UP SHOPS and the TACO GUY at 6. It would be great if you could Potluck the rest.  We’ll end with Pop Up Shops to support CotaForIansHeartBeat, and game time for Ian’s friends.

Main Dish, Worship, Sharing, and Shopping provided.
Please Bring a Side dish to share

RSVP by this Thursday.
But just come if you can.

Everyone can have some of what we have!

Saturday January 28th 6-9 pm

Crossroads Community Church

25991 Pala, Mission Viejo

We really want to see all your beautiful faces. But if you have ugly germs, for Ian’s protection it might be better to leave those at home with some chicken soup and a warm blanket. Thank you for understanding.


5 thoughts on “Come here and let me say, “Thank you,” Or I’ll Beat You Up!

  1. Hey Ian, It’s a little bit too much of a drive for me to be able to come and celebrate. I live in Florida! I’ll be there in spirit though.

    Peter… Serving behind the scenes…

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  2. I would like to attend the sharing, but my son Anders has a basketball game which ends around 7pm. But the time we arrive will be around 7:45pm.  Will it be too late?  I guess we will miss all the sharing.  I think your sharing will inspire and encourage Anders. Venus


  3. Hi Venus! We should be wrapping up with the sharing by then and starting the dinner. Maybe there is another way… I’m not sure if we are sharing anywhere else in the future. But we are open. If we do it, I’ll let you know by the blog posts.
    Maybe someone will fb live it and you can watch it with him later.

    I’d love to see you any time!


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