Joy for the Journey no. 12

Joy for the Journey no. 12

God is Love. God is the author and perfecter of my faith. God has written every one of my days, before I was born. (I John 4:8, Hebrews 12:2, Psalm 139:16)

If I didn’t know that He was Love, I would have despaired through the dark days of our story. He wrote it. Just like any story, there’s character development, great conflict and peril.  But there are times of respite and delight! And one day, there will be the great denouement. Wikipedia describes this moment as “the actual ending scene of a drama…conflicts are resolved…the characters have a sense of catharsis…” I want some of that catharsis! I look forward to God’s denouement for our story. But for now I am grateful for the smaller moments of respite and delight in our story. God is full of surprises. 

Surprise!!! We were on the radio in Hawaii!  Yes, we got to enjoy a fairytale island wedding,  snorkeling with humu humu, swim with turtles, and play with Danna the hotel manager. AND one day I got a text from our friend Pat Zukeran who hosts, Evidence and Answers, a radio show in Hawaii and the Philippines. He asked if we could come to the studio. I thought it was for a field trip for the kids… that’s what home educating moms do, turn everything into a field trip and call it school!  But he was asking if we could come in and share our story!


He’s Uncle Pat to the kids, a friend to us, and an apologist and bible teacher for anyone willing to come near.  While we were living in the hospital, he was leading a tour through the Holy Land with Junko. All along, they had been praying for us and celebrated the news of Ian’s transplant from Israel! God is full of surprises!


We are no apologists, but we did get to share how God helped us through those dark days in the hospital.  If you’d like to listen you can find the links below.

Joy in the Midst of Suffering, part 1

Joy in the Midst of Suffering, part 2

Joy in the Midst of Suffering, part 3

BUT… If you’d like to listen live and in person, we will be sharing our story and saying Thank you at Crossroads Community Church’s monthly night of worship this Saturday! 6-9.  The program is kind of switched around this time because we are celebrating with a meal.  

Saturday January 28th 6-9 pm

Crossroads Community Church

25991 Pala, Mission Viejo

Come here and let me say, “Thank You” or I’ll beat you up.


Join us @ Crossroads Community Church 25991 Pala, Mission Viejo:

Friday preview shopping for Premier, Xaris Creations by Nana, and OCHA kids art , 6-9

*Saturday shopping opens at 5:30 pm

Potluck begins @ 6pm Main dish provided. It’s the Taco Man! Ole!

Please help us Potluck the sides/dessert.  

Worship & Sharing

*Shopping & Dessert

Game time for Ian’s friends

*These friends and family are sharing a portion to 100% of their sales with CotaforIanR.


RSVP in replies below, email, or texts by this Thursday.
Or just come if you can.

Everyone can have some of what we have!

Saturday January 28th 6-9 pm

Crossroads Community Church

25991 Pala, Mission Viejo

We really want to see all your beautiful faces. But if you have ugly germs, for Ian’s protection it might be better to leave those at home with some chicken soup and a warm blanket. Thank you for understanding.

Hoping everyone can find some joy for the journey,


Please excuse the errors and typos from Little Miss Spelled. I’ll get an editor one day.


5 thoughts on “Joy for the Journey no. 12

  1. Tonight was amazing. Thank you guys so much for the beautiful testimony, which enthralls, convicts, and draws me closer to Christ. To God be the Glory!


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