411: It’s time for the Bruin Run/Walk!!!      This Sunday 4/30/2017!

411: It’s time for the Bruin Run/Walk!!! This Sunday 4/30/2017!

Thank you to all who signed up for Team Ian!

There’s 22 of us all together! What a surprise to check the website and see all those names! Thank you so much! We are looking forward to spending the morning with you all!


There’s still time to JOIN, or  DONATE  toward Ian’s team!

Not only can you support us by joining our team for the fun events this Sunday, but you can DONATE and help our team raise lots of funds for Child Life at Mattel Children’s Hospital. So far “Team Ian” has raised $320. I’m not sure if that covers all of the Lego sets he received while he lived in the hospital, or all of the COLORED tape and art supplies the kids and I used! I can hear my brother calling us “Weak Sauce!” He’s done it before!


Wouldn’t that be great if we could provide all of this and more for kids battling life threatening illnesses?! Child Life helped us feel like a normal family through some extraordinary days. They comforted Ian through very difficult procedures. They carved out space for Sunday Family Dinner. They let me have quiet times out on the patio. They gave Ian a living room to hang out with his friends. They were understanding when he went Napoleon Dynamite on me. We are so grateful for their support. Please DONATE and help us be “AWESOME SAUCE” on behalf of our sick friends at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital!

Click Here to DONATE!

Click Here to JOIN Ian’s Team!

Thank you a million times over for your generosity,

Jill and Ian

I loved all the tape. It made my heart happy.

5 thoughts on “411: It’s time for the Bruin Run/Walk!!! This Sunday 4/30/2017!

    1. HI Patricia!! Thank you so much for joining us. I thought this was you when I saw the roster but it only gave me your last initial!! I’ll add you to my contact list for the race day with a picture of where we are. It will be near the reg table. Ian and Micah will be using a large silver and red scooter. And, just for your privacy I am going to take down your comment. It has your phone number in it! 😊


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