EN’s Beat no. 17

EN’s Beat no. 17

Hello family,

Sometimes when I feel down I like to count my blessings. Or write notes to myself. When lonely, what do you do?

Counting my Blessings:

  1. Conquered UCSF and got to see our doctor again, but this time, with a new heart! Thank you, Dr. Cocalis!
  2. Got to Finish that sleep over at my Auntie’s house in Mill Valley! That’s the last house I got to be in before being whisked away to the ER to hear the diagnosis of heart failure. Loved being with my Nor Cal family again.
  3. Enjoyed the SF Symphony with my family inside the concert hall, backstage, and in our Loge seats! Compliments of the SF Symphony for Benioff patients! Thanks for the adventure, Ben!

    4. Scooted  my first 5K! Supported by 30 family and friends to raise money for UCLA Mattel Children’s Child Life Program. They took such good care of me for two months straight. And they keep on doing it day in and day out… because sadly, there’s no shortage of sick kids like me.

This post is pretty scattered, serious, and staggered. Hey what is your name? (scattered) Remember that God is taking care of you and that He watches over you. (serious) Happy Summer, Happy nurses week, Happy Ian day. (staggered)

I feel good. (Number one question I am asked, I think, “How are you feeling?”) I love you Guys. Every single one of you. My life has taught me that. Spray your roly polies, they breathe through gills. Remember that the word of the Lord is like a sword, but a sharp sword, an unfailing sword, like a dagger. Hey! That works well.img_0008

Under CA penal code 21980, you may not carry a concealed fixed blade dirk or dagger or stabbing weapon, but under penal code 22000 you may have a fixed blade in a sheath visible at your waste. How cool is that? So when I think of a dagger I think of it being precise. If I wanted to skin a rabbit I couldn’t use a big dang, twenty sword, but I coud use my dagger. It has millions of uses just like the Bible. Remember that too. (and the rules for carrying fixed bladed weapons.)

How is life? I hope everything is swell. I want everyone to know that you’re really awesome just the way you are. Why does God love you? Because He does. So, God loves us because He loves us. It doesn’t matter because circular reasoning works, because circular reasoning works, because circular reasoning works and on and on till the cows come home.  So why does God love us? Other than the fact that He does, (because circular reasoning works, because circular reasoning works,) well, you fill in the blanks. God loves us because ___________.  Your guess is as good as mine. It’s true. I don’t know. But God knows. These things we don’t know are things I like to call, Rosy Top Secret Beautifulness. It makes me feel warm inside to know that God loves me and has a plan. His plans are exact, accurate and swift. In fact his epically epic epicness, can be summed up like this, “He’s not a tame Lion.” -Mr. Beaver from the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Wow, we don’t serve a God we can lead about, or one who will do whatever we say. We can’t command him to do things. He aint a conforming God. God calls us to conform to Him rather than the world. God loves His creation. So why? Why did God do that? OR that? Or the thing he just did in Czechoslovakia that I don’t even know about? The thing is we can’t call Him to witness, testify, or justify. The thing is it happens.

In some ways, it is frustrating. In others, it is enlightening.

People, who think “I am being a good christian, ” Will fade at the hint of trouble. But if you know that God has direct plans, and you trust in His will not your own, you, then, are ready to take up your cross.

All of God’s plans are to take us to heaven. All of us.

Lets start with a recall: I was at camp, I got sick, I went to the hospital, In, Out, In, Out, In, Out, In then Out with a new HEART. Good, you should be caught up now.


Alright, the other day Mom and I spoke to some Nurses and some nurse students. They all seemed pretty happy, and as my grandma remarked, “You couldn’t even tell it was a nurses convention.” (I think Nana was expecting them to be wearing scrubs.)  Happy Nurses Week to all of our nurses from North to South, East to West, sweet-smelling and otherwise!

Then last night I went to the Tribulation Chamber (If you are weird you might call it an ER, or Emergency Room.) The nurse who gave me an IV was also a student Nurse. Just like the ones at the convention. She messed up. So even if you Graduate with a 3.6. You can still ruin some poor kids day (not mine since my day never gets ruined, most of the time). No one is perfect. That is why we need Jesus. His body was pure. Pure. Pure. Say it again out loud. Pure, Louder. PURE! Okay do you know what it means now?


IMG_1419Jesus Died because he Loves us. Why does he love us? He just does. We don’t move him, he moves us. How is everyone? I hope you are fine.

Everyone is Dying, But God Loves us so.

EEEEEEEEEEE, NNNNNNNNNN, because I am EN, because I am EN….. 


14 thoughts on “EN’s Beat no. 17

  1. Oh how I LOVE to read your posts EN! You have such a witty and wonderful way of pointing people to JESUS! thank you for being ALIVE! Thank you for using that life to SHOW JESUS to People who desperately need to know that they are LOVED by our ALMIGHTY CREATOR! Keep on writing. Keep on living. I LOVE YOU! I really do!

    Auntie Lammy


  2. I get GENKI energy from reading your blog. Ask Nan what it means! The picture with a thorny crown on your head makes me shudder. Oh, so ouch! Why would Jesus let a solder do that? He could have easily taken it down from His head for comfort. How deep is the Father’s love for us.. to sacrifice His son for sinners like us. How deep is His son’s love for us to willingly die for us.. A lot to think about through out the day. Thanks.


  3. Hi Ian, thank you for the encouragement by sharing all that our good Lord continues to do in and through your beautiful life. You are an amazing example of God’s faithfulness, steadfast love, and perfect peace! To answer the above question “when lonely, what do I do?”…….. well for one thing, I check my emails to be encouraged by others, like “En’s Beat No.17”, 😉 or I read the Holy Scriptures, (with a fresh cup of hot Java) for truly, I am never completely alone, God is with me always, and His Word contained in the Holy Scriptures speaks loud to my heart to not be lonely, to not be afraid, and it brings my soul much comfort when I have my doubting days and troubled times. When lonely, I also like to call my one and only darling, younger sister, Michele, in Washington state, and catch up with how things are in her life, as a wife and mom. And you are so right, counting my blessings is a terrific way to help in the lonely moments….I think of the blessing of my husband, Rob, my best friend for over 31 years, I think of our seven crazy, cute children, (Sarah, Laura, Robbie, Vincent, Renée’, Isaac, and Joe), I think of our son Isaac being healed from cancer over 13 years ago, I think of the blessing of home educating our seven chicos, I think of the blessing of Bible Study, which grows my faith and walk with Christ, I think of refreshing rainy days, (those are my favorite)! Thank you again, Ian, for being you; we continue to keep you in our prayers and love you much, keep reading God’s truth, love in Christ, kelly “There is none like you among the gods, O Lord, nor are there any works like yours.”. Psalm 86:8


  4. Hi Ian, this is Matthew H. From mount hermon. I have completely forgoten how to play hearts, but will remember the fun we had. Hoping and praying that you are well enough to come this year.


  5. Ian, you are wise beyond your years. Many a men live their whole life searching for strength and wisdom. You are living it. I know my little guy admires all you have shown. His mama too. Keep the Faith and always know you have fans who believe in you! Lots of love & admiration, The Uyehara Family.


  6. Hi Ian,
    You made me cry right now as I read your blog! I wish I could just give you a GREAT BIG HUG!!! Keep on, keeping on….writing, expressing your thoughts. They are God-send to me! Even though we haven’t met, it doesn’t matter, you have reached me with your Heart! So brave, so courageous! So full of God’s Love!
    Thank you, for just “being you”. A sister-in Christ.


  7. Hi Ian! Today is my first time reading your blog and I feel so blessed to hear your story. Your mom spoke to our “moms group” today at VBS and I told her that you and your family have lit a fire in me today to want to grow with God. I’ve been a slow grower… but today I felt a garden for the Lord planted in my heart and soul. Thank you Ian. Thank you for sharing all of you with all of us. Your soul is beautiful…and your heart – the strongest I’ve ever known! Thank you for helping me find my way to God. Bless you and your family!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What wonderful poetry. We are all praising God, and thinking about how awesome this is. In all this don’t forget, the tree does not focus and work to bear fruit. Never does it try to fill a quota, or be fruitful. All the tree does is stay planted in the soil and soak up the water. We are the tree in God’s garden. Be in his word and his living water will overflow out of you and onto others. Be a thriving tree, unique and beautiful.

      Praying for you, EN

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      1. Sunny!! What a gift you were and are to me today! I was trying to remember your words exactly, but I’m not good at that. And now I don’t have to because you wrote it right here! Thank you for showing me how the Lord spoke to you today! I am over joyed on so many levels that our story could make a garden of faith spring up in you!! And then look at what my boy says to you… don’t worry about your fruit, just stay planted in good soil…soak up His life giving words and keep on talking with Jesus!! -Jill


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