411: Tuesday-Friday March 27-30, 2018

411: Tuesday-Friday March 27-30, 2018

Terrible Tuesday, March 27th

This is the day they were preparing Dad for discharge. He just had one more test to complete: Walk the floor.

Nana and Paul were there. Paul was about to go back to work and come back for the discharge. However, when the aide put the gate belt on and they stood him up,  Dad collapsed right back down to the bed. His BP dropped so low and they could not find a pulse. Code Blue was called, CPR begun, breath sounds changed to long gasps, intubation and ventelator started… The beginning of terrible pain. Dad had to be tied down so he wouldn’t pull the tube out, sedated, and monitored carefully. Testing on every system followed and took the rest of the day. His chest hurt from compressions. His throat hurt with the tube in it. He was a frightful sight. I won’t show you. His tests were all clear but he needed to wait until 5 am the next day.

Wonderful Wednesday, March 28

Wednesday was Wonderful! Dad was extubated and free to be charming, witty, and loving. His first words…”What happened to me?!” Poor Daddy lost a whole day with that terrible tube down his throat.

Special family came in just in time to see him at his best, sans tube and charming! What beautiful memories they made together!  The words I heard most from him were, “Sorry to disappoint you, but I didn’t die. You didn’t have to come all the way to see me.” “Caitlin, she’s such a nice nurse. She’s so pretty. She already has long eyelashes. The nurses are jealous of my eye lashes.” “There is so much human kindness here.” “Mommy keeps saying, ‘I love you. I love you. I love you.’ and I’m gonna hold her to it!” The day was light and joyful!



Terrible Thursday, March 29

Thursday was Massy’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad day. Dad had three progressive goals for the day: complete a stress test, stand up without incident, and complete dialysis. All went well for the first two, though it was very exhausting!

Dialysis, was painful, uncomfortable, and stressful on his fragile heart. His heart rate was high, bp was high, ekg was wonkybonkers… He had a stomach ache, nausea, and constant pain from his chest compressions two days before. It was hard to see Daddy struggle so much.

“I was so sick.”… “I am so sick.”…. “I am so tired.” …”Why are all of you just staring at me?”

They increased some meds to regulate his nausea, heart rate, and blood pressure that made him sleepy. I cried and cried all day. I’m thankful I have these really strong and faithful family members. It’s comforting to hang out with them. Our Okada clan has two doctors, one nurse, three future doctors, peaceful, wise, joyful, big sisters and brothers, several musicians and two very capable faithful worship leaders…we have a powerful crew here. We all love each other and want to be near Daddy. Even more, we have a powerful God in charge of all these things who wants to be near us.


Isn’t Pammy so beautiful, taking care of Daddy?

Good Friday, March 30, 2018

I had a hard time sleeping that night, not knowing how Daddy would do.  Lammy spent the night with me at the house and we left early in the morning to be with Nana and Dad. IMG_0720When we arrived, he was quiet and comfortable.

When Daddy opened his eyes and spoke to us… “My mouth is dry. Gimme some water.”, it was like angels came out of the sky, happy tears trickled down, and a huge smile spread out on my face… and the cameras came up because he ate half a banana!IMG_0733 2

The rest of the day was remarkable. Not only did God give him a new pacemaker, revive Dad after coding, sustain him through intubation, protect him during intubation, brought him back from wonkybonkers atrial fib… but He stood my Daddy up, helped him eat a half of a banana, AND walked him to a bigger room that would accommodate our big family.



Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  Praise Him all creatures here below! Praise Him above, ye heavenly hosts! Praise Father Son and Holy Ghost!

Happy Holy Saturday, Batman!




Sweet Dreams Mom and Dad.



9 thoughts on “411: Tuesday-Friday March 27-30, 2018

  1. Jilly, you are in my thoughts and prayers. Praying for continued healing and restoration for your sweet dad, and comfort and rest for your family. How wonderful to have such a loving clan! Love to you all. ❤️ Karen

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  2. Oh my, what a week. The Okada’s are an EXCITING and LARGE and LOVING and LOVED clan! Praise God for sending angels to watch over your precious dad and family. Texas Eng’s are praying. Love, Bob & Mary

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for representing Texas Engs in prayer for us. The journey is far from over. We just love Matt. He was pivotal in the success of Dad’s last dialysis. Thank you for making him.


  3. Praise Him indeed! I love that your powerful Okada clan loves our powerful God (and each other). May the Lord continue to bless you, and keep you; and make His face shine on you, and be gracious to you; and lift up His countenance on you, and give you peace. We love you too! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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